Cheerson CX-10a teardown

This tiny quadcopter is fun to fly and very cheap too. Time to take it apart for a quick look.


Main controller is an STM32F031K4. The gyro is an MPU-6050. The third big IC on the board is the radio chip, a Panchip XN297. This is a 1Mbps/2Mbps 2.4GHz transceiver, originally intended for wireless mice.


Neat little board. It also serves as the main construction since the plastic housing is really thin and flimsy.


Underside of the board contains the power supply. The charge controller for the battery is built into the charging cable, presumably to save space and weight. Every corner of the board contains the switching MOSFET for one of the motors.


A look inside the remote control. The QFN on the left is the radio IC, again a XN297. On the right you'll see the other major IC on the board, an SO16 which is unmarked.


Bottom side, very boring.


The controller.

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