El cheapo batteries for the Eachine E010

A while ago I bought some WL Toys v911 batteries which I thought I could use on a Nano QX, but unfortunately the plugs used on the v911 batteries are the bigger brother of the ones used on the Inductrix or the Nano QX. The batteries have mCPX connectors molded into a small black protection sleeve which is glued in front of the battery. So the batteries landed into a drawer... until today...

The Eachine E010 uses the same kind of battery connectors as the v911, but instead of the molded black cover they have the connector on the wires.

IMG_20160929_100412.jpg (Look! It Fits!)

Preliminary testing show that motors make more RPMs and therefore produce more thrust, this is hopeful. The rated capacity is 200mAh opposed to the standard 150mAh. C-rating is not mentioned, but if the rating is the same as with the original batteries then this battery can provide 25% more current. The motors should be handle that current just fine because with the original batteries they do not get even close to hot.

As the photo above shows the fit is not very great. Need to get rid of the black cover...

Modify the battery


When you remove the black cover (gently) it reveals the mCPX connector and the wires which are about 1cm long and those are long enough for our purpose. It is best to reinforce the batteries with some glass fiber tape to protect

The original battery weighs about 5 grams, the new one is 5.7 grams. Weight wise it seems that the c-rating might be slightly less than the original battery, but the bigger battery has really short flimsy wires which save some weight.


Modify the quad

The new battery is quite a bit longer than the old one so it will not fit perfectly into the battery cage like the original one does.


With a pair of sharp snips cut two indents in the end wall of the battery cage and fold the wall out so it stands out about 45 degrees. In this position it is still useful to contain the original battery but it also provides some friction fit for the longer WL Toys battery.


With these batteries you should be able to get about 2 minutes of flight time with an EF-01 AIO FPV camera mounted on top. I use this mount.

Update 01-01-2017:

After flying for a while with these batteries I can conclude they hold up well. However I ditched the idea of using the EF-01 since it is far too heavy for this aircraft. I now use the Eachine TX01 AIO camera which is much lighter but has slightly less image quality. I drew a mount for it and posted it on Thingiverse as well. Flight times are around 4 minutes with this setup.

The wires on the batteries are a bit fragile. I had one coming off at the plug and one breaking off at the negative tab on the battery itself. Both were easily repaired with some solder. In the future I am going to add a dab of hotglue or epoxy on the battery terminals before wrapping them in tape to prevent the wires from being janked off.

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