Enable camera on a Raspberry Pi 2

This is one of those post that are mostly notes for myself how to install stuff.

Camera installation

Cable installation:

  • camera: blue side of the flatcable should face backwards. Lens is forward side.
  • pi: blue side should face the network adapter.


Run raspi-config and enable the camera via the "Enable camera" option. Close the program and reboot.

Install the camera python module:

sudo apt-get install python-camera

When one or more GPIOs are needed do also:

sudo apt-get install rpi.gpio

This module can only be run on a Raspberry Pi!

Apparently this error message may creep up if you try to import the RPi.GPIO module in your python script. The GPIO module checks the processor type where it is invoked and just recently have the GPIO drivers been updated to accept the newer BCM2709 processor.

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