A while ago I bought a quadcopter in a whim. It was on sale at a big budget supermarket (Aldi). After some googling I found out the quad is really a Attop YD-928.

It flies ok, but it is kind of sluggish. Most of the crashes are also due to the sluggishnes of the whole quad. Compared to the CX-10 which is very nimble it it felt too heavy so I decided it needed to shed some weight and while we are at it, why not build an entire new frame.

Start weight of the quad including battery is 35 grams. The choice of material would be wood. I had a paint stirrer lying around that seemes perfect for the job. Cut in two and add some shape here and there it now looks like the pictures below.

IMG_20150620_110546-01.jpeg (topside of the frankenquad)

IMG_20150620_110600-01.jpeg (bottomside of the quad)

Flight characteristics

Including battery it now weighs 32 grams. Weight reduction is about 10 percent. Flight seems to be a bit more nimble, but I soon realised that the frame is still quite heavy. Some more grinding is needed. Another issue is the battery. If I would change it for a battery with a higher C rating I might get a little more oompfh.

To be continued...

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