Modifying a Syma FPV kit to use an 808 #16 lens


The objective of this document is to describe how to modify a Syma X5C FPV kit to use an 808 #16 D type lens. Originally the FPV kit uses a narrow field of view lens on its camera which is not ideal when flying in FPV mode. The FPV kit is an aftermarket product sold by various Chinese vendors for about $50. The kit consists of a small module containing a 720p camera, 5.8GHz transmitter and a recorder, also included is an 4.3 inch screen with an included 8 channel receiver.

An 808 #16 D-lens module, which produced a 120 degrees field of view can be bought at Banggood for about $10. Where this document talks about the lens, it really talks about the lens module, which includes the sensor as well.


The module is held together with a couple of screws. Unscrew then and take off the hood. The camera module is connected to the main board with a small flex cable. The flex cable connector can be opened by carefully prying open the black bar which is encircled red in the image below.


Open the lens holder by unscrewing the two screws.


The old lens is completely molded inside the round lens bar. To fit the new lens in we need to cut off the rounded bits of the lens holder to make room for the D lens module.

Cut a slit in the front module so it can be slit around the new lens module.


Glue the new module in the lens bar with a drop of CA glue and put it all back together.


The end result should look like this, the lens can still be swiveled up- and downwards:


Sample footage of the modified module, I used the FPV module on my MJX X600:

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