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What does it look like from the inside?

Just recently I received a new device to do electronic banking. I decided to take a look inside the old one.

IMG_20150219_201725.jpg (Outside) The device is made by Vasco, but customised for my bank.



The most important stuff on the inside is underneath the black blob, which was as expected. Another important feature is the anti tamper mechanism.


(Close-up inside)

The most important anti tamper mechanism is J2 and the zebra strip in the backside of the housing. Without that strip the device wil say 'defect' for a little while and then cease to operate. It is not feasible to solder some wires to the keypad and the chipcard reader without disturbing the zebrastrip. This is all apart from not noticing a big pack of cables sticking outside of a case where it never stuck out before.

This also means there is no possibility to change the batteries without invalidating the entire device. I don't like that.


(Zebra strip anti-tamper measure)

The last picture is a close up of the anti tamper zebra rubber thingy.

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