X5C brushless conversion part 2

See part 1 here


After the PDB and the ESCs are all wired up I installed the flight controller. For the receiver I used a Lemon RX satellite. The yellow blob at the right is the 3.3V power for the satellite.


This hole is used to connect the USB cable to the flight controller to update the firmware or connect to the cleanflight configurator.


Installed green ledstrips inside the canopy for nice glow in the dark experience.

The housing is held together with zip-ties. One on each end of the arm and one big one around the center of the quad. I find this to be more convenient than the 24 screws it had originally. Besides with the added forces applied due to higher weight and more power I reckoned those tiny screwholes would soon lose thread anyway.

Total weight without battery comes in aroung 160 grams, which is surprisingly light for a 250mm quad. To compare, my ZMR250 weighs about 400 grams whereas my Armattan x155 is already 200 grams. Those quads both have FPV gear though, but still.

How does it fly

It flies great:

In the cover picture of part 1 the Syma is shown with stubby 4045 bullnose props. I found out after testing that those props are not really suited for the high KV motors I used. Further testing revealed that 3545 bullnoses or the good old 5030 Gemfans work much better. Motors get quite hot on 3s and the Gemfan's, but it seems to handle it just fine.

PID settings

The PID settings of the quad are stock, I only upped the rates a bit to my liking:

  • Roll: 0.96

  • Pitch: 0.58

  • Yaw: 0.62

Using the default settings I notice a slight I-wobble, but it is manageable and feels very locked in. I could lower I slightly though. I use the luxfloat algorithm in Cleanflight.

The files for 3d printing can be found here on Thingiverse

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